It was a Sunday afternoon and the weather was overcast. The three of us were gathered in a small photo studio located at the fifth floor of a building somewhere in Pigalle. The place had no elevator and there were pictures of birds everywhere : on pillows, on shirts, on frames, and there even was some inflated parrot balloon. We were going round in circles on a tile that was not so fresh anymore as we waited for the members of MOTHXR for a last-minute interview. Yes, it was too good an opportunity. The name of the band might not ring a bell, and there's nothing to be ashamed of : there are only three songs available on the internet, they were only broadcasted on Le Mouv' and they only did one showcase in Paris. MOTHXR is still what one may call a "confidential" band and you are about to be one of those who will take great pride in having heard about them before "they went mainstream", all of this thanks to us.

When Simon, Daren and Penn Badgley stormed into the studio flat, they came with a wind that had blown all the way from Blooklyn to the 9th arrondissement. They were exhausted and not so fresh themselves because of an horrific tale about bed bugs in some hotel in Douvres but they looked as smart as one can get without paying too much effort into it. I thought that it all looked more coherent and believable than many things I had seen in the streets of Paris.